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690 Duke R 2017

690 Duke R 2017

Model Description


The standard 690 Duke is a firecracker of a bike, light as a feather and lightning quick. But we wouldn't be true to ourselves if we didn't try to push things just a little bit further. So we did, creating the ultimate single-cylinder street bike on the face of the planet. Really, it's that spectacul'R.

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Below you can view the full technical specification for the machine

Group: Street
Engine Type: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement: 690 cc
Bore: 105 mm
Stroke: 80 mm
Performance: 55 kW (75 hp) @ 8000rpm
Starter: Electric starter
Transmission: 6-speed, claw shifted
Engine Lubrication: Pressure lubrication with 2 oil pumps
Primary Gear Ratio: 36:79
Secondary Gear Ratio: 16:40
Cooling: Liquid cooling
Clutch: APTC™ slipper clutch, hydraulically operated
Ignition: Keihin EMS with RBW, double ignition
Frame: Steel trellis frame, powder coated
Front Suspension: Fully adjustable, WP USD 43mm
Rear Suspension: WP shock absorber with Pro-lever linkage
Suspension Travel Front: 150mm
Suspension Travel Rear: 150mm
ABS System: Bosch 9M+ two channel ABS with cornering function
Brake System Front: Brembo monoblock four piston, radially mounted caliper with 320mm brake disc
Brake System Rear: Brembo single piston, floating caliper with 240mm brake disc
Chain: 5/8 x 1/4” X-Ring
Steering Head Angle: 63.5 degrees
Wheelbase: 1,466 mm
Ground Clearance (unloaded): 192 mm
Seat Height: 865mm
Tank Capacity: 14 Litre
Weight (No Fuel): 147.5kg
Colour Options: White/Black, Orange frame
Range: Naked

The standard 690 Duke is a firecracker of a bike, light as a feather and lightning quick. But we wouldn't be true to ourselves if we didn't try to push things just a little bit further. So we did, creating the ultimate single-cylinder street bike on the face of the planet. Really, it's that spectacul'R.

Three words: attack, control, effortless. Significantly more aggressive than the 690 Duke, the 690 Duke R shifts its rider precisely into the position required for hitting the apex time and time again. Bent slightly forwards, with a solid foothold on the sportily positioned foot pegs, great feel and plenty of freedom of movement on the completely reworked seat. To top it all off, the engaging handlebar (840 mm wide, 38 mm rise) offers telepathic levels of control. Who knew Supermoto racing could be so relaxed? Wicked maneuvers made so easy? And still it delivers a good overview and excellent day-to-day comfort. Those who prefer racing alone can mount a rear cover over the pillion seat cushion and dismantle the passenger foot pegs. The only other thing you'll have to bring to the track is your game face.

The 690 Duke R's 43 mm upside-down fork from WP helps raise the suspension travel to 150 mm for even greater freedom to lean and an unbelievably broad spectrum of use, from relaxed cruising to racing around closed circuits. That's because its tuning is child's play: the appropriate level of compression damping is set on top of the left fork tube and rebound damping on the right. Why? In contrast to normal rebound-compression cartridges, separate oil circuits work independently from each other. Hence the compression stage setting only influences spring compression damping and the rebound setting only that of spring rebound. This way, a precise setup is achieved completely in line with the rider's wishes. Whatever they may be.

The WP built, pivot-arm articulated, pressurized-gas monoshock with remote reservoir jacks the 690 Duke R up in order to generate virtually endless freedom to lean. Of course it's also fully adjustable (spring preload, high/low-speed compression damping, rebound damping). It has proved its racing potential, not even succumbing to the incredible cornering speeds or the braking and acceleration forces with slick tires. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that a comfortable setup isn't possible. On the Duke R, the rider determines the ride behavior.

The pedigree triple clamps are not simply machined aluminum with a cool anodized skin. Rather, the KTM chassis engineers have tuned the stiffness of these works-of-art precisely to the flex pattern of the fork. Why? Only this way can sensitive suspension still be guaranteed under high loads, such as those experienced when braking with the bike leant right over. This in turn generates more grip and a superb level of feedback. And thanks to a lowered fork offset, straight-line stability will be waiting right around every corner. So just gun it.

The best from over 20 variants tried. The KTM test riders had fun selecting the hardware, although they had to spend a lot of time braking at the limits. Brembo rewarded this hard work with a tailor-made, radial hand pump that activates the high-end M50 caliper (machined from a block of high-strength aluminum for perfect stiffness). In cooperation with a fat 320 mm disc, this combo guarantees on-the-spot braking.

A tailor-made Akrapovic slip-on silencer wraps two additional horsepower and a thrilling exhaust note in an ultra light titanium shell. A bombshell, that is. And who would have thought it's even Euro IV homologated?

If the LED indicators, Akrapovic slip-on and and racy rear seat cover didn't already convey the message, the intense orange frame and rims will make sure your ride stands out from the crowd. Which it deserves.

The disengageable, dual-circuit Bosch ABS system with 9M+ modulator offers total protection against over-braking, while maintaining the full effect and perfect feedback of a genuine sports brake. This ABS system, weighing no more than one kilogram, therefore allows extremely sporty braking. On top of that, the current 690 R offers the ultimate safety feature, unseen in this market segment: Cornering ABS. As standard. Taking your lean angle into account, the system will even prevent loop-outs while being fully leant over. So you can get extra cocky entering corners, without losing your cool.

Three ride modes ('Sport', 'Street' and 'Rain') cater to your every wish. And they don't only moderate the power delivery, but can also tell the traction control system how funky the rear wheel can get, depending on the situation.

In relation to the selected ride mode and the current lean angle, this traction control system allows for different amounts of rear wheel slippage. From being in full control in the rain, to mastering controlled power slides out of corners: It's all within the push of a button.

MSR avoids rear wheel lock-up when you chop the throttle or drop the clutch on downshifts. Feeling lucky? Just turn it off entirely, so you can get your slide on like a boss.

Expert riders will love the added fun-factor (and extra racetrack safety) of this optional mode, activated at the push of a button. When engaged, the system will only control the front brake. Rear brake pressure is entirely up to the rider's right foot. And its party mood.

A multicolor combination of relevant information, presented in a clear-cut, uncluttered way. This shot of data of course includes speed, revs and the current gear, but you'll also find coolant temperature, fuel status, time, date and ambient temperature on there. As you rev the engine, the display bars also change color, either spurring you on or telling you to back off when the engine's still cold. The display even automatically adapts its illumination to the ambient light. Furthermore, you can access an overview of the selected riding options and adjust them on the go via four illuminated keys on the left handlebar. Knowledge is power, right?

The 9 kg tubular trellis frame made from chrome-molybdenum steel and the equally lightweight, latticework swingarm, die-cast in aluminum, show extreme levels of torsional stiffness, providing the less than 147.5 kg Duke R with excellent tracking stability and a continuous flow of information to the rider.

Grippy Metzeler M7 RR tires in the sizes 120/70 front and 160/60 rear, of course fitted on bright orange rims.

The Duke R does not only impress with its low weight and perfect chassis geometry; the centralization of weight - for example, by positioning the brushed stainless steel pre-silencer under the engine - also contributes to its playful handling and razor-sharp precision.

The latest LC4 showcases twenty-four carats of fun. With this gem of an engine now breathing more freely thanks to the standard Akrapovic slip-on exhaust, the engineers have managed to extract a whopping 75 hp (55kw) from the trademark 690 cm³ single thumper; unseen in the monocylinder motorcycle world. How it happened? They completely reworked the cylinder head, inserted a, ultra light and extremely strong piston and connection rod, rerouted the air intake through a resonator chamber and provided the improved crankshaft with sleeve bearings. As a result, the powerband could also be made a thousand rpm wider, which means an even more uniform power delivery, especially in the mid to high rev range. Twin ignition featuring plug-selective mapping, rock solid but featherweight internals and optimized intake and exhaust systems cultivate this massive mono to be as strong as it is smooth, assisted by an advanced ride-by-wire system which guarantees great refinement as well as low fuel consumption and emission figures. You're green, while they're green with envy. And you haven't even begun mentioning upmarket goodies like a standard slipper clutch.

Inside the cylinder head, roller rockers actuate the exhaust valves while the camshaft powers the intake valves. Therefore, the valve timings can be controlled with far greater accuracy. The result is more peak power over a broader rev range. Win-win!

In a free-revving firecracker like this, you want to smooth things out a bit. That's why the LC4 serves a bonus balancer shaft, nipping annoying vibrations in the bud.

The electronic engine management system lives to make the LC4 shine. Twin ignition with individual mappings for each spark plug ensures that your precious fuel is always burned to perfection, irrespective of load and engine speed. And then there is genuine ride-by-wire, in other words: electronically controlled throttle valve actuation without any mechanical linkage.

A restricted power version is available for those riders who have just started their two-wheeled career. But restricted power doesn´t necessarily mean restricted fun: thanks to its lightweight and dynamic chassis, the KTM 690 Duke R is the perfect playmate for all ages. Regardless of your experience level, the 690 Duke is your license to thrill.
690 Duke R 2017

Price: £9099.00

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